Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who's to judge?

  A very short conversation I had with a fundamentalist about the "final judgment"--which ultimately is a waste of time and moot if Yahweh knows all--he can just cast em into the pit without all the unnecessary pomp and ceremony.  lol  I just thank "god" it's made up nonsense.

Christian - Revelation 20:12 is the Great White Throne Judgment, only unbelievers are there. No believers are ever there. The unbelievers are shown that their works did nothing about their sin problem (only the death of Jesus solves the sin problem).

No believer is ever at the Great White Throne Judgment. Only unbelievers are there, and they all fail it, because works cannot save.

That's what happens when an "atheist" presumes to teach the Bible.


Atheist--Wrong!! It states no where that it is the "unbelievers" that will be judged!! People like you made that up in your own twisted fashion. You fail by being ignorant........of your own book.

Who's laughing now? ME!

Read this, especially Matthew Henry's Precise Commentary at the bottom:

BTW--"wicked" or "sinner" does not mean "unbeliever" I have met a great deal of "wicked sinners " who claim to be christians in my day.

I promote education over indoctrination. You are obviously unlearned and indoctrinated.   Revelations is nothing more than the delusional ravings of John while on the island of Patmos. I give it as much credit as I do the rest of the plagiarized book of stories you waste your life on.

Christian--Who is "Matthew Henry", and is he Jesus Christ? 


You lose.

Atheist--OMG (No pun intended) but that is the weakest argument(?) I have ever heard.  No...I win, because I live in reality, while you are in the matrix wasting your time, your energy and your life worshiping one of the 10,000 gods/goddesses created by mankind.

I truly pity people like you. You waste the one life you have hoping you will end up worshiping a narcissistic deity day and night for eternity.

It is sad and pitiful.


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