Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Bang--knocking heads with a fundamentalist

A thankfully short conversation I had with a fundamentalist Christian on the topic of creation.  It will always boggle my mind as to the level of ignorance displayed in those that do not consider any alternative beyond their own dogma.

Christian-- Speaking of creation, when will the "big bang" return to correct all the flaws he made in this world? Why would a loving big bang allow such suffering and still demand to be taught in schools at tax payers expense? 

Atheist-- I see what you are attempting to get at, but I can honestly say I do not know how the universe was created, and therefore, I do not posit any theory as to how creation began.  But I would be interested to know why your god, which you claim is an all "loving" god, would allow such suffering in the world, and allow innocent Christian children to starve in Africa?? It cannot be due to free will,  as they have no choice....they were not born in America."

Christian-- “I asked you about why the big bang would do it first. You answer my question then I will answer yours.”

Atheist--"All I know is the big bang, is a theory based on KNOWLEDGE gained from observation, and experimentation. The bible, however, is less than that, as it is nothing but stories passed down through generations, and eventually written down. It has no evidence to back any of its claims. In fact, you can go to wikipedia, you can look up over 50 different creation stories from different religions.....and their claims are ALL as valid as yours is.

I don't claim to know, but I do put weight where the evidence lies....and the evidence does NOT lie with Yahweh. He is just one of over 10000 gods and goddess created by mankind. 

Christian--When the big bang first audably spoke to you, did you repect him and call him fa-ther?

Also since you are a prophet of the big bang when will your magic space explosian father return?”

Atheist-- “You have no idea what logic is do you?
The big bang has no father, and no creator. It is thought to be a natural phenomenon.
There is no magic space father, no Santa Claus, no Leprechauns, no Easter Bunny, and no Jesus.  There is no proof for any of them.“

Christian--“There is plenty of proof in Jesus. From the prophecies in the bible that have come true. To God speaking to your heart and you telling him to take a hike.”

Atheist--“If you had any KNOWLEDGE whatsoever beyond Sunday school, you would know that the Jews admit to embellishments when it came to writing the OT. And, much of it was written AFTER the fact. There are NO prophecies in the bible. It's interesting that the JEWS wrote that book, and they interpret it DIFFERENTLY than you do. What does that tell you? Remember.....they wrote it!! And there have been doomsday prophecies since the beginning of your religion, and NONE have come true, and they are not going to in the future!!

The real world is a nice place....too bad you are missing it.  I pity you in your ignorance.”

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